British Council Scholarships Without IELTS

The British Council Scholarships Without IELTS are currently accepting online applications from students of various disciplines and degree levels.

British Council Scholarships

Do you know that the IELTS exams are so expensive that so many people cannot afford them, So why to pay for IELTS certification when one can apply for the fully-funded Scholarships without IELTS.

There are thousands of international scholarships that accept international students with IELTS exemption or with IELTS alternative certifications which are easier and cheaper.

If you are willing to study in one of the prestigious universities of the UK under a scholarship program without IELTS, then here is a golden opportunity for you. Dozens of renowned UK universities, giving scholarships to overseas candidates without the mandatory IELTS test scores requirement.

Such universities also offer approximately 50,000 courses in different fields. However, students can also opt for online degree courses and enjoy up to two years of work experience in the UK after their degree completion.

How Possible is it to Study in The UK Without IELTS?

This is a general question that comes to everyone’s mind when it is about completing high education from one of the reputable universities of the UK. But here is the answer to such questions. The candidates must be fluent in English and have the English Language proficiency certificate from their previous university.

Meanwhile, this certificate should state that the candidate has completed all the degree courses in the English language. In this way, candidates can use this certificate instead of IELTS.

If you want to know more about the British Council scholarships without IELTS, stick to this article.

British Council Scholarships Without IELTS

Following is the list of all British Council Scholarships Without IELTS:

  1. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

Bristol University is all set to welcome international students from all over the world for the Bristol University Think Big scholarship program. It has invested approx. £500,000 to invite the candidates to apply for Bristol Think Big Undergraduate/Postgraduate Scholarship.

We included Bristol University Scholarships in our list of British Council Scholarship Without IELTS; because applicants can submit alternate to IELTS certificate during the application process. Candidates are also welcome to submit English proficiency certificates as well.

All the overseas candidates are eligible for this scholarship and will receive the grant up to £5,000 / £10,000.

  1. Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

The Scottish Government and Scottish Universities are jointly offering this valuable Saltire scholarship to the citizens of;

  • China (including Hong Kong)
  • India
  • Japan
  • Pakistan
  • Canada
  • USA

There are about 50 such Scotland scholarships available for the Master’s degree program with a reward of £8000. Meanwhile, the award-winning candidates will become the representative of the Scotland and Saltire Scholarships program.

Scotland Saltire Scholarships got a place in our list of British Council Scholarship Without IELTS; because applicants can submit alternate to IELTS certificate during the application process. Candidates are also welcome to submit English proficiency certificates as well.

Check the eligibility requirements from here.

  1. British Chevening Scholarships:

These British scholarship gets funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other co-partner organizations. The Chevening scholarship is the UK Government Global scholarship program, which is available for the Master’s degree. The candidates can apply for Chevening scholarships also by providing IELTS alternate scores or acceptable English language proficiency certificates.

To meet the Eligibility Requirement;

  • The candidate must belong to the listed eligible country.
  • Once the scholarship program gets finished, the candidates will have to return to their home country for at least two years.
  • The candidate must have 2 years of work experience.
  • Lastly, the candidate must have completed the Bachelor’s degree before submitting the scholarship application for a Master’s degree.

For Application Process:

The application process is online. However, the candidates will apply for the Master’s degree and Chevening scholarship separately. Also, the application submission deadline varies from country to country, so apply accordingly.

For further information, click here.

  1. University of Sussex Scholarships

The University of Sussex is one of the top-ranked research universities in the UK, offering more than 500 Undergraduate and Post-graduate degree programs. Meanwhile, around 5,6000 international students are currently studying here and can apply for the 25 plus scholarship programs.

Scholarships offered by Sussex university will be given to the students based on their academic performance and monetary needs. The Sussex University Scholarships Without IELTS can be accessed by providing IELTS alternate certifications or an English Proficiency Certificate.

However, the benefits of these scholarships include a reduction in tuition fees up to 50%, and the grant of 5,000 GBP for Undergraduate students and 3,000 GBP for Master’s degree students.

  1. Rhodes Scholarship Britain

All the deserving and eligible candidates can study at Oxford University under the Rhodes Scholarship Britain. It is one of the most prestigious yet oldest scholarship programs. Every year, around 100 scholarships are awarded to international students to complete their Master’s and PhD degree programs.

The Rhodes scholarships are easy to obtain if you got good grades and an application can be submitted for these scholarships without IELTS; if one got PTE or another Proficiency certificate in the English language.

The duration of this Rhodes scholarship is of two years. In the meantime, it also covers university fees and provides an annual stipend of £17,310/ annum.

To know more, please visit.

  1. British Scholarships for Women in STEM

The British Council, jointly with the 19 British universities, has announced a scholarship program without IELTS for women of South Asia, America, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, and Southeast Asia. This scholarship aims to help the girls who want to pursue a Master’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Women who belong to the above-listed countries can apply for this scholarship. Similarly, while applying for the scholarship, they must explain the reason behind getting financial assistance. On the other hand, all the applied candidates must actively participate in the fieldwork.

Meanwhile, the winners of this scholarship will enjoy financial support in terms of;

  • Tuition fees
  • Health allowances
  • Travel cost
  • Visa fees

However, mothers will get special support during their educational journey.

  1. Great UK Scholarships

It is a fully-funded scholarship program offered by the British Council and the Britain campaign for a Master’s degree. It covers tuition fees of up to £10,000 for a one-year post-graduate program. To become eligible for this scholarship, the applied candidates must meet the English requirement and have a Bachelor’s degree to pursue the post-graduate course.

Also, while applying for this UK scholarship without the IELTS requirement, it is mandatory to submit the acceptance letter and apply before the due date. Meanwhile, the application deadline might vary with the chosen university.

Around 310 UK scholarships per year, are given to international students, so apply within the due date as applications are currently open.

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  1. British Commonwealth Scholarships

Candidates from the commonwealth countries can now enjoy fully-funded Commonwealth scholarships offered by the British Council for their Master’s studies. This scholarship aims to enhance their knowledge and skills in particular fields.

Winners of this British commonwealth scholarship will get;

  • Free return air tickets.
  • A full tuition fee waiver.
  • A monthly stipend.
  • Thesis cost.
  • Travel grants, and much more.

To apply for this scholarship, the candidates must be permanent citizens of any commonwealth country and start their degree program by September. Also, candidates must submit the documents in the required format with the scholarship application before the deadline.

  1. Charles Wallace Trust Scholarships

All the students can now apply for the Charles Wallace Trust scholarship for the Doctoral and fellowship levels. Such a scholarship program is the joint effort of the Charles Wallace Trust and the British Council.


The scholarship duration may vary according to the chosen program.

  • Doctoral —> 1 year.
  • Reserved Fellowships & Visiting Artists —> 3 weeks to 3 months.

Scholarship Coverages:

  • Monthly stipends.
  • Scholarship grants.
  • UK Visa cost.
  • Return Airfare.
  1. Scotland Scholarships

Young women and girls from studying in any HEC recognized university now opt for the Scotland Scholarships for their graduate study programs. The Scottish universities and the British Council are together doing this remarkable job for deserving women to promote education by offering this scholarship opportunity.

Scholarship Benefits:

The award-winning candidates will receive the benefits of;

  • Tuition fees.
  • Hostel costs (where applicable)
  • Travel cost (two times a year).

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant must be a citizen of the supported country.
  • The applicant must be doing a Bachelor’s degree in the mentioned areas.
  • The applicant’s admission to any Higher Education Commission acknowledged university must be confirmed.
  1. Marshal Scholarships Without IELTS

The fully-funded Marshal Scholarships without IELTS requirement for US citizens are now available for postgrad degree programs. Marshal scholarships are considered as one of the most prestigious British Council Scholarships that are the result of good US and UK relations.

  1. EURAXESS Scholarships

The EURAXESS Scholarships are UK’s research-based financial aid program available for postgrad students only. These UK Scholarships are available for employers or research scholars to further their research progress.

  1. Royal Society Grants

The post-doctorate applicants can now apply for this British Royal Society Fellowships for postdoctoral programs. This funding cover salary, accommodation, and research-oriented expenses of all winning scholars.

  1. Commonwealth Scholarships

The commonwealth Master’s scholarships are 800 British Council Master’s degree scholarships available globally for all students. These British Scholarships are available to all international students interested to study in Britain for free.

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