13 Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students Without IELTS 2022

There are top Fully Funded Scholarships you shouldn't miss out irrespective of your course or country. Good enough that they aren't just fully funded, but also Without IELTS.

Getting a scholarship is one of the affordable ways for international students to study abroad. This is so because international studies tend to be generally expensive. There is virtually no country known to be an international study destination that doesn’t offer either scholarships, grants, or aids to students.

Scholarships or grants are issued based on merit – academic excellent. They are as well issued based on Financial Needs or Countries of Origin. The criteria, or mode of the scholarships, or grants determine the particular to be submitted in other to be considered. 

Some of what is generally being asked for include: passport, academic qualifications, letter of admission, study permit, and proof of language proficiency. As mentioned, language proficiency is one of the major requirements not only for admission into universities abroad, it is a major requirement for getting scholarships as well. So, if you will get a scholarship abroad as an international student, you must meet the basic language proficiency requirements. There are many language proficiency exams, but the most widely accepted one is IELTS. 

Most top schools and organizations that offer admissions and scholarships to international students only accept IELTS as language proficiency requirements. This has made it difficult for students hoping to get admission or scholarship to relinquish the dream as the IELTS exam is always difficult and a bit exams.

Though IELTS as said is the most widely accepted language proficiency exam, but there are ways to bypass it. One of which is by writing other alternative language proficiency exams like TOEFL, Duolingo, Cambridge English Test, etc. Another way is to enroll in a special language program offered by the university that will offer you admission.

Going by this, it is clear that there are alternatives to IELTS when seeking admission or a scholarship abroad. If that’s the case, we are going to enumerate some of the Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students Without IELTS for the 2022/2023 session in this article. Let’s get down to it.

How To Get Fully Funded Scholarships Abroad in 2022

There are lots of scholarships, especially fully funded scholarships out there for international students but it is never easy getting them, some we feel it necessary to provide some tips on getting fully funded scholarships abroad in 2022

  • Find Study Destination 

The first thing is to have the specific country you will like to study in. This is important because you get to understand the overview of all what the country is all about regarding its education policy and the likes. Some of the top international study destinations are the UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, etc. 

Also, you will need to look for scholarships available in that particular country and understand the types being offered, whether they are partially funded or fully funded.

  • Eligibility Qualifications 

Once you’ve found a scholarship, endeavor to check the eligibility criteria. This means you need to be certain if you are qualified for the program or not as that is the major thing that can make you get the scholarship.

  • Research

Let’s you are qualified for the program, you now need to start researching about the scholarships – the organization that offered it, the school where the program will be taken, and the specific thing they are looking for in an applicant.

  • Prepare Application Requirements 
  • The next step is to prepare the requirements needed to apply for the scholarships. All documents provided must be genuine. Also, you might need to provide a personal essay about why you deserve the award. You must be able to prove to them that you are the right person for the award in that your statement.  
  • Submit Application 

Once it is time for application, you will apply online via the program’s official website, and sometimes, you might be asked to apply email address. Once you are done, you should be expecting a reply after the application deadline. 

  • It is important to note that it is either your application is accepted or rejected. If it is the latter, you can repeat the process or apply for a separate scholarship. It is never going to be easy to get a scholarship, especially fully-funded scholarships, so be prepared and ready for anything that might come up.

List of Top Fully Funded Scholarship for International Students Without IELTS 2022

It is time we now list out the top fully funded scholarships for international students without IELTS for the 2022/2023 academic year. We’ve mentioned that some scholarships don’t require the IELTS exam abroad, here are the top ones:

1. Doha Institute For Graduate Studies Scholarships

Doha Institute For Graduate Studies Scholarships is being sponsored by Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI). The program is offered to both domestic and international students. It is a fully-funded program where beneficiaries are considered based on academic excellent and financial needs.

To get this scholarship as an international, IELTS isn’t mandatory as much as you can provide other language proficiency like TOEFL or can prove that you’ve previous education is taught with English as the language of instruction.

Doha Institute For Graduate Studies is one of the top schools in Qatar. It is specifically located in Doha, and it is made up of three schools which are the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, the School of Public Administration and Development Economics, the School of Psychology and Social Work. Only master’s degree programs are offered at Doha Institute For Graduate Studies.

2 Toyohashi University of Technology Scholarship (TUT MEXT Scholarships)

The Toyohashi University of Technology offered scholarships to international students without the need of submitting IELTS or TOEFL, only an English language proficiency certificate is accepted. 

The scholarship offered by the Toyohashi University of Technology is sponsored by the Japanese Government to enable international students to make Japan their study destination. This program is fully-funded. It is only open for Masters and. students. The duration of the Master Scholarship is 2 years, while for Doctoral, it is 3 years.

Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) is a public research university in Japan, which was established in 1976 to respond to the societal need to foster practical, creative engineers and cultivate qualified individuals who would show initiative and display leadership abilities. Major courses offered at this university are Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

3. Schwarzman Scholarship

The Schwarzman Scholarship is a fully-funded graduate degree program for international students. The program was established in 2016 and designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond. The number of awards is usually between 100 – 200. IELTS isn’t mandatory as this scholarship requires.

It is being hosted by Tsinghua University. The school is one of the major public research institutions in China. It was established in 1911. It has up to 51, 000 enrolled students and is currently ranked 15th best university in the world in the QS World University Rankings.

 4. Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Gates Cambridge Scholarship is a fully-funded graduate program that doesn’t require IELTS. The program is open for international students from outside the United Kingdom applying to pursue one of the following full-time residential courses of study at the University of Cambridge: Ph.D., MPhil/MLitt, or One-year postgraduate course.

The program was established in 2000 as a result of a donation of US$210m from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge. 80 beneficiaries are selected annually based on these criteria: outstanding intellectual ability, reasons for choice, of course, a commitment to improving the lives of others, and leadership potential.

5. NCTU Scholarships

The NCTU Scholarship is for undergraduate, Master’s, and doctoral degree programs in Taiwan. All international students can apply for the program provided that with great academic & research records. The program is fully-funded and you don’t need IELTS to be selected. Beneficiaries of this scholarship will receive a monthly stipend and/or exemption from tuition fees. 

There are multiple academic fields, and majors are offered by NCTU, some of which include: College of Computer Science, College of Artificial Intelligence and Green Energy, School of Law, College of Management, International College of Semiconductor Technology, College of Humanities and Social Science, etc.

National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) is a public research university in Taiwan.  Was established in 1896. It is ranked 4th in Taiwan and 427th in the world. There are more than 14,000 students enrolled in the university.

6. Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarships

This scholarship is fully funded by Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Arabia. It is open for international students who want to pursue undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D., and post-doctoral studies.

The was established in 1983 and intended to attract skilled male and female learners and create the correct skills to empower communities with a unique focus on “Sustainability Science” in line with the authorized areas to promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievement.

Under the Islamic Development Bank Scholarship, beneficiaries will be able to study at some of the world’s best universities, including those in the United Kingdom, Oxford, and Turkey.

7. University of Brunei Darussalam Scholarships

When you are offered the University of Brunei Darussalam Scholarship, all your study expenses will be covered which means that it is a fully-funded program. While applying for the program, you will not be required to submit IELTS as language proficiency, but you must have good academic records as this is what your application will be judged upon.

The University of Brunei Darussalam is a public university in Brunei. It was established in 1985. It is specialized in Islamic Studies, Business, Arts, Science, Health Sciences, Asian Studies, Policy Studies, Education, Biodiversity, and Integrated Technologies.

8. University of Queensland (UQ) Scholarships

University of Queensland (UQ) is a research-intensive institution located in Australia. It is among the top 50 universities worldwide. It was established in 1909 and currently houses more than 55,305 students, both domestic and international. Some of these scholarships are Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships, Excellence Scholarships, and Merit Scholarships. 

The scholarships are fully-funded which cover virtually all beneficiary’ study expenses. The University of Queensland generally doesn’t have IELTS as admission requirements, as such, you will not be asked to provide IELTS for any of its scholarships.

9. University of Winnipeg International Special Entrance Scholarships

If you want to study for free in Canada without IELTS, you need to check out the International Special Entrance Scholarships offered by the University of Winnipeg. The program is open for individuals who are from outside Canada, want to pursue an undergraduate program.

Winnipeg University offers high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs including several unique programs in Western Canada, such as a Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights, and a Master’s degree in Indigenous Development Practice. It was established in 1871, and over 9,600 students are currently enrolled in the school.

10. Azerbaijan Government Scholarship

The Azerbaijan Government Scholarship 2022 is being offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Azerbaijan. The program is otherwise called The Educational Grant, or Hereafter “Scholarship.” It was established to encourage students to study in some of the best universities in Azerbaijan.

The scholarship is open for international students from selected countries who want to run, master, or postdoctoral programs.

It is fully funded, and you don’t need IELTS to apply for the program if you are qualified.

 11. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia UKM Scholarship

Of all the schools that offer fully-funded scholarships in Malaysia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia UKM Scholarship is rated high. The scholarship is otherwise called the UKM Vice-Chancellor Scholarship. The program is open to all international students without restrictions.

Courses available to be offered include Engineering, Social Science, Law, Dentistry, Humanities, Biomedical, Health Science, Medicine, Information Science & Technology, Science & Technology, Islamic Studies, etc.

12. DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Program

Germany is one of the major countries where you don’t need IELTS before you can be offered admission. Aside from that, it is one of the countries with the most scholarships for international students. Students have the opportunity of choosing German or English as a medium of instruction.

There are many scholarships offered in Germany without IELTS. One of them is the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship. It is the highest-paid scholarship in Germany and is available for full-time Master’s Degree Programs in 8 German Universities. Beneficiaries will have all their study expenses taken care of for the whole study time under this program.

13. Asian Institute of Technology Scholarships  (AIT)

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) offered scholarships to international without IELTS. The program is fully-funded and open only for Masters and Doctorate programs. The program is under the Thailand Government scholarships. It is among the easiest scholarship to get as many people don’t know much about it.

The Asian Institute of Technology is a Thailand public university that was founded in 1959. It specializes in engineering, advanced technologies, sustainable development, and management and planning.

If you want to study in Russia, you generally don’t need IELTS or TOEFL as language proficiency. Many high-ranking universities in Russia offer fully-funded scholarships without IELTS.  These scholarships afford you to pursue undergraduate or graduate degree programs. Some of these scholarships are the HSE scholarship program, Skoltech University Scholarship Program, Government of Russia Scholarship, HSE Gold Funding, Institute of Science and Technology, Russia, Scholarship, etc.

International students who want to study abroad without IELTS can check universities in Malaysia out. Most of the schools that offered fully-funded scholarships in the country don’t require IELTS as a mandatory requirement.


Since there are countries where you can apply to study abroad without IELTS, there are also scholarships that don’t require IELTS. We have just enumerated some of the top ones you can check out as you venture into seeking abroad scholarships without IELTS in 2022. If you have any inquiries, kindly drop a comment below, we will be glad to attend to it.

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