How to renew a Nigerian passport in the UK | Full Guide

Whether your passport is about to expire, you have run out of free pages, it has been stolen, or you need to alter your name, figuring out how to renew a Nigerian passport in the UK can be challenging. However, with the correct help and knowledge, the procedure is pretty straightforward.

In 2021, there were over 178,000 Nigerian nationals resident in the United Kingdom, up 90,000 from 2008. This means that more Nigerian passports are being renewed in the UK than ever before, and the numbers are continuously increasing.

What are the requirements to renew a Nigerian passport in the UK?

When applying for a Nigerian passport renewal in the UK, you must present specific papers and supplementary information to fulfill the criteria. Before your in-person appointment at the Nigeria High Commission, you will require the following.

We also urge that you ensure that you have all of the necessary information before beginning the renewal procedure and applying. You will need:

  • An original Nigerian passport
  • A printed copy of the passport application form that has been successfully completed, dated, and signed.
  • A copy of your National Identification Number (NIN). The information must match what is on your passport.
  • A printed version of your appointment is booked via the Nigeria Immigration Service.
  • A £20 postal order was made out to the Nigeria High Commission in London.
  • A special delivery envelope to enable the delivery of your passport back to you.
  • For minors under 17 years old, you will also need:
  • A copy of the details page from the parents’ passports which are listed on the child’s birth certificate. At least one parent must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • A consent form with both parents’ signatures.
  • The child’s birth certificate.

If you match the standards outlined above, you will be given a date when your passport is scheduled to be returned. In some cases, you may be required to submit additional evidence that we have not included above. For example, if your passport has been stolen or you want to change the name on it. Each application is unique, so double-check the information and documents you’ll need to give.

Steps to renew a Nigerian passport in the UK

Step 1: Gather Necessary Documents

The first step in renewing a Nigerian passport in the UK involves collecting all the necessary documents. These typically include the current passport, a completed application form, passport-sized photographs, proof of payment, and any additional supporting documents required by the Nigerian High Commission in the UK.

Step 2: Online Application Submission

Navigate to the official website of the Nigerian High Commission in the UK to access the online passport application platform. Complete the application form with accurate and up-to-date information. Ensure that the details provided match the information on your current passport.

Step 3: Payment of Fees

Upon completing the online application, proceed to make the necessary payment for the passport renewal. The payment can often be made online through the provided payment portal. Ensure that the payment receipt is saved, as it will be required during the submission of physical documents.

Step 4: Book an Appointment

After successful payment, schedule an appointment for the submission of physical documents at the Nigerian High Commission or Consulate. Booking an appointment is a crucial step to avoid unnecessary delays and ensure that the renewal process proceeds efficiently.

Step 5: Attend the Biometric Capture

On the scheduled appointment day, visit the Nigerian High Commission or Consulate to submit the required documents and undergo biometric capture. This step involves providing fingerprints and a facial image, enhancing the security features of the renewed passport.

Step 6: Collect Renewed Passport

After completing the biometric capture, await notification from the Nigerian High Commission regarding the availability of the renewed passport. Once notified, return to the High Commission to collect the renewed passport, which will now be updated with the extended validity.

How much is a Nigerian passport renewal in the UK?

In comparison to many other passport renewals throughout the world, renewing your Nigerian passport in the UK is rather inexpensive. For a straightforward reissue of a normal passport, you just need to pay an administrative charge of £20 via postal order made payable to the Nigeria High Commission in London. When you visit the Nigeria High Commission, carry a Royal Mail C4 special delivery envelope so that they may return your passport to you.

If you need to renew your passport because you lost, misplaced, or damaged your previous one, you will be charged £250. Once again, payment must be made by postal order made payable to the Nigeria High Commission. Similarly, applications for Emergency Certificates are the same process and cost £120.


If your passport has already expired and you need to travel immediately, you should apply for an emergency certificate. This should assist in shortening the waiting time and provide you with more serenity.

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