Best Student Loan Repayment Plans

Looking for the Best Student Loan Repayment Plans, then you are at the right place. All you need to do is to relax and carefully read the guide below on the Best Student Loan Repayment Plans. Best Student Loan Repayment Plans

Best Student Loan

When trying to assess a loan, it is pertinent to have a plan through which the loan will be serviced, that way, one keeps his credit score in good shape, going through school as a student could prove a challenging task, especially if one is self-sponsored, loans could come in handy in helping them tackle one or two expenses, but loan repayment becomes a challenge, therefore this article will serve as a guide to which payment plan will be best to suit you in servicing your student loan.

What is a Student loan Repayment Plan?

A student repayment plan is an outline or pattern in which a loan will be serviced during the repayment period. Repayment plans come in handy in helping the student who has assessed a loan determine how best to pay those loans without having to break the bank. Student loan repayment plans are especially good for a student’s financial health.

Types of Students Loan Repayment Plan

Student loan repayment plan can be classified basically into three, these include:

1. standard repayment plan

2. Extended repayment plan

3. Income-driven repayment plan.

Each of these repayment plans is tailored to suit your personal financial goals and plans for servicing your student loans.

1. Standard repayment plan: Standard repayment plan entails making payment spread over some time, based on certain percentages of the interest on the principal loan. The standard repayment plan is the most popular among students who assess loans, the loan servicing agency automatically places a student on the standard repayment plan once a loan is assessed by a student. Standard level payment is further expanded  into two levels:

  •  Standard Level: This is the normal standard plan where payment is spread over ten years, making the same amount of payment every month for ten years.
  •  Graduate Level: Here payment is also spread for ten years, but loan repayment starts with smaller amounts in the beginning and then increases with time.

2. Extended repayment plan: Extended loan repayment plan comes in handy if one needs to pay lesser amounts monthly than the standard plan can offer because it extends payment spreading payment for twenty-five years instead of ten years. This also has two levels:

  • Extended level: spreading payment with the same amount monthly for 25 years.
  • Graduate Extended: Payment starts with lower amounts, and grows, increasing every two years.

3. Income-driven repayment plan: This type of repayment plan is based on your income, it allows you to pay based on how much you earn. Loans that are assessed with this repayment plan usually have the student provide certain financial information about them like income tax, family size, etc.

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Tips to Choose Best Student Repayment Plans

Here are some of the tips to choose the best student repayments plans:

1. Find more about the student repayment loan plan: This should be the first thing you do when you decide to assess student loans and choose what repayment plans to use to get yourself out of debt.

Carry out a proper finding on the pros and cons of each loan repayment plan, and how they operate.  Also, understand properly every aspect of the various loan repayment plans, also consult professionals and senior colleagues who may have used the loan repayment plan to become debt-free.

2. Know your strength: Before choosing a loan repayment plan, it is better you know your strength, understand your budget in order to determine how much you can pay each month throughout the repayment period. Based on your income and expenses, it is better to figure out how much you can use to service your loan without having to break your bank.

3. Do what works for you: When you have successfully done your research and understood the best student loan repayment plan that suits your budget and monthly payment ability, pick the best plan that works for you based on your budget.


The best student loan repayment plan depends on you the student looking to assess this loan, take into account the fact that if you miss a payment for any month, your credit score will be greatly affected and damaged, so do what is comfortable for you, something you can successfully pull through and not have to regret taking loans fro the federal or financial institution. Always learn to choose the repayment plan that you can afford.

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