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Explore LMIA jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. Opportunities waiting for you to Secure your future in Canada today.

Processing a Canada Visa whether for a student, work, or visit visa seems confusing when listening to different explanations and experiences of others. But let the truth be told, Canada remains one of the most straightforward processes when it comes to applying and processing.

But the agents don’t want you to know; that you can apply for Canadian jobs online even without their assistance.

You are expected to follow the steps and other advice at the end of this page to increase your chances of being invited for an interview.

But before we dive into how to apply for Canada Jobs Online, It is necessary to also talk briefly about the traveling agents, to let you determine if you could rely on your efforts (applying the jobs yourself using the steps below) or find any agent around you to take full responsibility of processing your travel visa to Canada.

Things to Know About Some Traveling Agents

The fact remains that there are fake and yet genuine travel agents from around the world. Their charges aren’t a good determinant of their genuine or ingenuity though. But based on the details we’ve gathered, there are a few reasons people prefer using travel agents – and the same reasons could turn out the opposite for you.

  • To make the process faster: Please note that no agent can speedily proceed beyond expectations. It is only an illusion to think the process will be fast. The exact opposite could be the order of the day. At times agents may even forget to put out necessary calls until you remind them about it.

    But there could also be an exception to the above point, in a scenario where the local agent has its agent living in Canada (that is processing the job application directly from Canada) that could make the process a bit faster.
  • Too busy to carry out your applications yourself: If you’re too busy to follow the steps we have shown below, then hiring a travel agent will be a wise idea. They’ll apply and monitor job applications on your behalf. But you have to always remind your agent by asking about the steps taken so far, what updates you should be expecting, and how soon.

    However, we’ve freely provided the only legit Canadian government website to carry out your job application from abroad. This is the same platform Agents come to apply on your behalf while you pay them millions. So why not try it out yourself for free? You will do it better than anyone (including the agents) doing it for you.

Canadian Job Listing Website for International Workers

Knowing the official website to carry Online Job applications in Canada for International Workers is another right direction.

Several top job sites in Canada, such as, Robert Half, Eluta, ZipRecruiter, and others (see list here), ultimately request you to submit your CVs and cover letters on their website. They will then use these documents to facilitate the follow-up process on your behalf and charge you for a subscription for this service and for document submission. However, it seems these sites are mainly for job listing and nothing advanced (like applying and following up on your job application – for international workers).

there are key options and functionalities you need to enable you to apply for any Canadian job from about the world on any Canadian job listing website. To make your Canadian job application come to reality.

Just one of the many sites that has it all. Another triggery functionality is listing verified jobs by the Canadian government, providing categories of jobs that are mainly for LMIA, international applicants, and more.

Getting to the point, one question comes to your mind, what is the website?

The site is called JobBank. Job Bank is a Canadian official job listing website, posting all categories of jobs, and providing filters to enable all kinds of applicants to get the jobs they seek. See our JobBank review page here to get full insight.

Key Functionalities and Why

  • Advance
  • Date Posted
  • Language at Work
  • Hours of work
  • Employment groups
  • Job source
  • Intended applicants
  • View Results

The optional Key Functionalities:

  • Job categories
  • Type of job
  • Job categories
  • Education or training
  • Provinces and territories

As for the optional Key Functionalities, please note that as an applicant to travel for work in Canada, you shouldn’t be applying for highly professional jobs, or be selective of provinces and territories to stay. Remember that there are also international and indigenous applicants already living in Canada who will be applying for the same jobs as you. Therefore, ensure keeping a lower profile to get jobs in Canada faster. When you have arrived there, before making any switch if necessary.

Even as you lower your profile it is important to apply for jobs you know about. For example, if you can cook, manage data, truck driver, carpenter, caregiver, or other administrative jobs you can as well handle them perfectly. That’s the reason we do not advise you to select any option under Education or Training, Job categories, and Job categories because that may lower your chances.

Let’s explain these key functionalities better:

Advance: this option opens the fillers to select from. So instead of typing for the job, and not seeing the right option to filler your need, the Advance opens it all to do your selection on one page.

Date Posted: This option allows you to see and have options to select from the most recently posted jobs. We prefer you select the last 30 days, because you may end up applying for jobs that won’t give you the attention you need; hopefully, long after 30 days, jobs may have gotten enough applications before you attempt to apply them. Therefore, more recently posted jobs could increase your chances of getting selected for an interview.

Language at Work: This option allows you to select the language for communication at your workplace. In our steps we selected English, but select more if you speak and understand other languages. This also increases your chance of being selected for jobs you apply for. On the contrary, English languages usually have the largest number of vacancies in Canada and are more competitive as well.

Hours of work: As an international worker, it is more reasonable to apply for full-time jobs. Remember you’re not living in Canada yet, therefore, any company or organization accepting to hire you will be based on full-time jobs, rather than part-time. Take note that no company will be hiring you for part-time jobs when you’re not yet living in Canada.

Employment groups: This is one of the key options you must not overlook. Selecting “Temporary foreign workers”(for this type of application we are discussing on this page) states your stands or category of person seeking international jobs. JobBank should now know the types of jobs best for you, rather than just applying for jobs in randoms, and at the end of it, you still did nothing meaningful, due to the wrong job application.

Job source: This option gives you a list of jobs that are verified by the government. That means any employer with this has acquired its positive LMIA from the Canadian government to employ foreign workers in the country, Canada.

Intended applicants: This is another crucial option; selecting the right option enables JobBank to filter all available positive LMIA Jobs in Canada with a work permit visa since it is paramount that every international Candidate for Canadian jobs must apply through employers that have positive LMIA approval from the Government of the land. So understand that not every job listed on JobBank is for you.

View Results: this is the final step, or final click rather; to enable you to view your advanced filter results. note that after selecting the appropriate options (as guided below) the results should narrow down to a smaller number of results.

How to Apply for Canada Jobs Online at

  1. Start by opening Job Bank official website –
  2. Click on “Advance”
  3. Under the Date Posted, click on “Last 30 days”
  4. Under the Language at Work, select “English” or other available languages you speak and understand fluently.
  5. Under the Hours of work, select “Full time”
  6. Under the Employment groups, select “Temporary foreign workers”
  7. Under the Job source, select “Verified Jobs”
  8. Under the Intended applicants, select “Canadians and international candidates”
  9. Then click on “View Results” at the top of the page or below (depending on the position your screen placed it).
  10. Then click on “Show how to apply”. to see the employer’s email address and documents required to submit for each job.

Ensure to be applying for jobs that specifically indicate;

This employer has an approved Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire a foreign worker to fill labour or skills shortages on a temporary basis. Canadians and Permanent residents are able and encouraged to apply.

Who can apply to this job?
The employer accepts applications from:
Other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

That means you are eligible to apply for jobs outside Canada and your job invitation should come with a work permit visa.

Requirements for Canadian Job Application

Nothing much is required, just your cover letter and CV. Most employers will be requesting either both documents or one of it. But it is wiser to have both sent to them.

Another interesting thing to observe is that some employers may not be requesting working experience and educational background. Remember that you are keeping a low profile to enable you to get jobs quicker.

Another thing is that you will need a working email address. Almost every employer we have come across requests applicants to submit their application to them via an email address. You’ll see it on the JobBnak website.

What’s Next After Applying?

Remember, there is no limit to the number of jobs you can apply. To ensure you get selected for any jobs, keep applying and remember to consistently check your email address in case you are called for an interview.

Once selected and called for an interview, they will provide you with other necessary steps to complete from your country, including sending documents to back up your job appointment.

The Employer may likely send the following documents to you;

  • Letter heading of the company inviting you or advertising for the job
  • document to backup/show their Positive LMIA approval
  • An appointment letter.

There could be more documents, depending on the company.

Next, proceed to your embassy to start the remaining process until you have been issued a visa.

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