Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarship for International Student 2021

Have you been looking for a fully funded scholarship that you can apply for? Then this write up is for you. Below are Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarship for International Student in 2021. You can apply for any of them.

Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarship

There are many International Scholarships that are now inviting applications for the 2021 academic year. Below are fully funded scholarships for international students that are being offered by the top universities and organizations of the world. The eligibility criteria for these fully funded scholarships are not difficult. Below are the Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarship for International Student 2021

  1. Helmut Veith Scholarships Austria | FULLY FUNDED | Study in Austria

The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA) is an initiative of the Vienna-TU Van (Vienna University of Technology) Technical University. Located in the Faculty of Informatics at TU, the Center promotes international scientific collaboration in logic and algorithms. In addition, VCLA’s comprehensive activities include aspirations funds for young people for academic activities and raising awareness about the impact of research in the fields of logic, philosophy, mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence.

In addition, the center is giving many international scholarships for worldwide students. Many international students are already studying in VCLA. It’s such a great chance to study in Austria and to groom your educational career. 

Type: Almost FULLY FUNDED 

Country: Austria

Host Institution: Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms

Degree: Master degree program

Eligibility: International Students 

2. SBW Berlin Scholarship, Germany – FULLY FUNDED

The SBW Berlin Scholarship helps young people from economically disadvantaged families and develops skills acquired while studying in Germany, preferably in their home country, in long-term nonprofit projects. SBW offers scholarships for undergraduate and master’s programs in Berlin and Potsdam based on students’ academic ability, personal abilities and social needs. In general, all scientific and artistic disciplines can be funded. In special cases, they assist in vocational training in Berlin or Potsdam.


Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Host University: Some universities in Germany 

Supported By: SBW

Degree Program: Bachelors / Undergraduates and Masters degree programs

Eligibility: International Students

3. McCall MacBain Scholarships in Canada – FULLY FUNDED – Study in Canada

McGill is a public university, founded in 1821. McGill University is one of Canada’s leading institutions of higher learning and one of the world’s leading universities. With students from more than 150 countries, their student body is internationally diverse of any research university in the country.

McGill is known for attracting talented students from Canada, the United States and around the world. McGill’s students have the best grades in Canada, and their commitment has helped their students win more national and international awards than their peers at any Canadian university.

Country: Canada

Type: Fully Funded

Degree: Masters and second-entry professional undergraduate program

Session: 2021 Intake

4. Reach Oxford Scholarship in UK – FULLY FUNDED – Study in UK

Oxford University is one of the world’s top centres for training, teaching and research, and the world’s oldest English-speaking university. Oxford University has a distinctive collegiate structure. The University is committed to ensuring that its students get highly qualified education from the Oxford curriculum. Oxford University is engaged in a wide range of activities to inform, attract and support highly qualified candidates from all socio-economic, cultural and geographical backgrounds.

Reach Scholarships will cover many benefits includind fees, Stipend and Airfare. About all the academic fields are available for study in UK at Oxford University.


Country: United Kingdom

University: Oxford University

Degree: Undergraduate degree programs

Eligibility: International Students

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5. Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2021 – Fully Funded – Study in Ireland

Its vision is for a relevant, smart Irish research council that invests in people, skills and ideas across all areas, which will provide new opportunities in Ireland and beyond in the future. The fund for excellent research, among all the disciplines, to enhance Ireland’s international reputation and research in the world. Their mission is to assist in the education and skill development of the best individual start-up researchers and to cultivate agile independent researchers and thinkers, offering a wide range of opportunities that support a wide range of professional diverse paths.

Coverage: Fully Funded

Country: Ireland

No. of Participating Institutes: 27

Supported By: Irish Research Council

Eligibility: All Worldwide students

Degree Level: Postgraduate (Masters and Ph.D.)

6. Asian Development Bank University of Hawaii Masters Scholarships – Fully Funded

The Asian Development Bank has introduced the Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) for the international students. The ADB-JSP program is providing master degree scholarships at the University of Hawaii Manoa(UHM) in eligible master programs. It will also allow students to participate in academic, residential and leadership development Program at East West Center (EWC).

ADB-JSP is a scholarship program designed to strengthen human resource capacity in ADB member countries. After completing their education, scholars are expected to return to their home countries and share new knowledge and skills to promote social and economic development.

Coverage: Fully Funded

Country: United States

State: Honolulu

Degree: Masters Program

Supported By: Asian Development Bank

Eligibility: International Students

7. GIST Scholarships 2021 in South Korea – Fully Funded

GIST plays an important role in research and development in collaboration with industry sectors. GIST is the first university in the country to adopt an innovative system that offers a comprehensive, basic science curriculum to serve as a research platform in the fields of science and engineering.

GIST is offering many scholarships bundle for the international students so that they can study at GIST with full concentration. Scholarships packages include tuition fee exemption, Fully Funded package, Health Insurance, and Flight reimbursement etc. Masters, Doctoral and MS leading to Ph.D degrees are available under this program. Degrees can be completed in 2 years or 4 years.

Country: South Korea

Host University: Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)

Degree Level: Masters and Ph.D

Eligibility: International Students

8. UMY Scholarship 2021 in Indonesia – Fully Funded – Study in Indonesia

UMY is one of the top universities in Indonesia. Many international students already study in UMY. UMY provide very brilliant educational environment for its students. Its method of research and new innovative ideas brings modernity to the society. UMY is offering fully funded Indonesian scholarships to give the students financial ease.

For this purpose, they are offering a bundle of degree programs. List is given below. Students can choose any program according to his / her desire. Besides this, University is also giving monthly stipend, tuition cost and living allowances. The duration of the programs depends upon the program you choose.

Type: Fully Funded

Country: Indonesia

University: Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Degree level: Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D degree programs

Eligibility: International Students

Session: February 2021 Intake

9. SIIT Scholarships 2021 (EFS) in Thailand – FULLY FUNDED – Study in Thailand

Sirindhorn Institute of information Technology, Thammasat university has initiated the Excellent Foreign Students (EFS) in which they are offering FULLY FUNDED Masters and doctoral scholarships to the international students. They are covering almost all the expenses for the selected students. Stipend, Airfare, Health and Accedental coverage, different fees would be provided.

The duration of the scholarship is totally depends upon the program that you choose. The duration of masters degree is of 2 years and the duration of the doctoral degree program is of 3 years.

Type: Fully Funded

Country: Thailand

University: Sirindhorn Institute of Information Technology, Thammasat university

Degree: Masters and Doctoral degree programs

Eligibility: International Students

10. University of Sunshine Coast Scholarship – Fully Funded – Study in Australia

The University of Sunshine Coast is a young university, not limited to traditional or old thinking. They try to instill this mindset in their students and staff. Whether it’s building a profession or looking for life long passion, connecting with your community at home or in the world, They are here to help at every opportunity. They appreciate your natural curiosity, your creativity, your resources and your commitment to inspiring the people around you.

USC is providing Fully Funded Australia Scholarship for the international students to so that they can pursue their PhD degree program in Australia. Selected students will work on the theme of how / which actions can be taken to reverse human impacts on coastal marine environments. Annual stipend, operating fund, tuition fee and healthcare would be given for this purpose. These benefits are based on the economic, environmental and social benefits of a project in collaboration with FRDC. It’s such a great chance to present yourself for the learning experience in Australia.

Host Country: Australia

Host Institute: University of Sunshine Coast

Scholarships Offered By: University itself

Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Level:  Ph.D / Doctoral degree programs 

From the above list, you can now apply for any of the Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarship of your choice, in order to allow you achieve your goal.

If this information was useful, then use the comment box below and also keep visiting this page for more updates on Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarship for International Student 2021.


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